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Thursday, 12 April 2018

Perfect: ED Sheeran



Song: Perfect
Artist: Ed Sheeran
Album: Divide
Released: 2017
Chords Used: G# Fm C# D#
Capo Version: Capo on 1st fret
Chords according to capo: G, Em, C, D

Strumming Pattern: D D D DUD (Strumming 1 only use in  pre-chorus
DUD DUD (Normal)
I found a (G#) love for (Fm) me
Darling just (C#) dive right in, and follow my (D#) lead
Well I found a (G#) girl beautif(Fm)ul and sweet
I never k(C#)new you were the someone waiting for (D#) me
Strumming 1
Cause we were just kids when we f(G#)ell in love
Not knowing w(Fm)hat it was, I will not (C#) give you up this (G#) ti-(D#)ime
But darling just ki(G#)ss me slow, your heart is (Fm) all I own
And in your (C#) eyes you’re holding (D#) mine

Monday, 9 April 2018

Everybody Hates Me: The Chainsmokers

Everybody Hates Me

Song: Everybody Hates Me
Album: Sick Boy … Everybody Hates Me
Singer: Andrew Taggart, Drew Taggart
Music: The Chainsmokers
Lyricist: Andrew Taggart, Emily warren



(G)Yeah, let’s do it again but, uh, this time, uh, let’s go full psycho

(G)Yeah, I just wanna drink(A) tequila(Bm) with my friend
She said she cheated ’cause she (D)tried to get ahead
The (G)more I read it, yeah, the(A) more I take (Bm)offense
I’m so defeated, I can’t get (D)outside my head
(G)I post a picture of (A)myself (Bm)’cause I’m lonely
Everyone knows what I look like
Not even (D)one of them knows me
(G)Yeah, I just want to drink (A)tequila(Bm) with my friends
(Bm)I’m so defeated, I just (D)want this shit to end