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Sunday, 3 June 2018

Happier: Ed Sheeran

Guitar chords tabs and strumming pattern

Happier by Ed Sheeran's is about a breakup and seeing his girl with another man. However this song is not a bitter diss at his ex. He stills loves her and he always will, he just wants her to know that.

Artist: Ed Sheeran
Album: ÷
Song: Happier
Released: 2016

Strumming Pattern: DDU DDU DDU DDU

(Am) (F) (C)

(Am) (F) (C)

Thursday, 12 April 2018

Perfect: ED Sheeran



Song: Perfect
Artist: Ed Sheeran
Album: Divide
Released: 2017
Chords Used: G# Fm C# D#
Capo Version: Capo on 1st fret
Chords according to capo: G, Em, C, D

Strumming Pattern: D D D DUD (Strumming 1 only use in  pre-chorus
DUD DUD (Normal)
I found a (G#) love for (Fm) me
Darling just (C#) dive right in, and follow my (D#) lead
Well I found a (G#) girl beautif(Fm)ul and sweet
I never k(C#)new you were the someone waiting for (D#) me
Strumming 1
Cause we were just kids when we f(G#)ell in love
Not knowing w(Fm)hat it was, I will not (C#) give you up this (G#) ti-(D#)ime
But darling just ki(G#)ss me slow, your heart is (Fm) all I own
And in your (C#) eyes you’re holding (D#) mine

Sunday, 4 February 2018

A Team: Ed Sheeran

A Team

Artist: Ed Sheeran
Album: +
Released: 2011
Genre: Pop
Strumming Pattern: DDUUUD

[G] White lips, pale face
Breathing in sn[D]owfla[Em]kes
Burnt lungs, s[C]our t[G]aste
[G] Light’s gone, day’s end
Struggling to [D] pay re[Em]nt
Long nights, str[C]ange [G] men
And th[Am]ey say
She’s in the Class [C] A Team
Stuck in her da[G]ydream
Been this way since [D] 18
But lately her fa[Am]ce seems
Slowly sinking, w[C]asting
Crumbling like p[G]astries
And they scream
The wo[D]rst things in life come free to us

Saturday, 3 February 2018

Castle On The Hill: Ed Sheeran

Castle On The Hill

Song: Castle On The Hill
Album: Divide
Singer: Ed Sheeran
Lyrics: Ed Sheeran, Benny Blanco

Strumming Pattern: DD  DU DU
(D)When I was six years (G)old I broke my leg (Bm) (A)
(D)And I was running (G)from my brother and (Bm)his friends (A)
(D)And tasted the (G)sweet perfume of the (Bm)mountain grass as I (A)rolled down
(D)I was younger (G)then,(Bm)take me back to (A)when I
(G)Found my (A)heart and broke it (D)here
Made friends and (G)lost them through the years
(G)And I’ve not (A)seen the roaring (D)fields in so long, I (G)know I’ve grown
(G)But I can’t (A)wait to go home
(D)I’m on my (G)way,(Bm)driving at (A)ninety
Down (D)those country (G)lanes (Bm)singing to (A)Tiny Dancer
And (D)I miss the (G)way you make (Bm)me feel (A)and it’s real
(D)we watched the (G)sunset (Bm)over the (A)castle on the hill (D)

Dive: Ed Sheeran


Song: Dive
Album: Divide
Singer: Ed Sheeran
Music: Benny Blanco
Lyrics: Ed Sheeran, Benny Blanco & Julia Michaels

Capo version: Capo on 4th fret
Strumming Pattern: D D DU D D DU
(C)  (Am)  (F) (G)
Oh, Maybe I (C)came on too strong
Maybe I (Am)waited too long (F)  (G)
Maybe I (C)played my cards wrong
Oh just a little bit wrong
Baby (Am)I .. I .. I(F) apo(G)logise for it
(F)I could fall or I could fly
(Am)Here in your aeroplane
(Em)And I could live, I could die
(F)Hanging on the words you say
(F)And I’ve been known to give my all
(Am)And jumping in harder than
(G)Ten thousand rocks on the lake
So don’t call me (C)baby
Unless you (Am)mean it
(F)Don’t te(G)ll me you ne(C)ed me
If you don’t believe(Am) it
So (F)let me know the (G)truth
(Am)Before I (G)dive right into (C)you
You’re a (C)mystery
I have travelled the world
And there’s (Am)no other girl like (F)you, no (G)one
What’s your (C)history?
Do you have a tendency to lead some (Am)people on?
Cause I (F)heard you do (G) mm hmm